Mad River Outfitters

Standard Dry Flies- Attractors, Spinners and Stoneflies

All flies are tied on chemically sharpened hooks and come from reputable manufacturers like Umpqua, Rainy's, Spirit River, and others. We try our best not to sell junk...the quality of your fly is pretty important.
*Be sure to see the "Hatches" and "Caddisfly" Categories for hatch matching and species specific dries, nymphs and emergers!
Adams Dry Fly
a classic, must have dry fly
Price: $1.65 
Adams Parachute
needs no introduction
Price: $1.95 
Black Gnat
Price: $1.65 
Blue Dun
a classic
Price: $1.65 
Borchers- Bear's Hi-Vis
one of our favorite dries
Price: $1.89 
Cranefly Adult
Summer Magic!
Price: $1.95 
Daddy Long Legs
great cranefly adult
Price: $1.95 
Fat head spruce moth fly
Perfect Spruce Moth!
Price: $2.50 
Grey Fox
traditional favorite
Price: $1.65 
Hi-Vis Roberts Drake
and update to a classic
Price: $1.95 
virtually un-sinkable attractor
Price: $1.65 
Light Cahill
Price: $1.65 
Little Yellow Stone
good one for yellow sallys
Price: $1.95 
great attractor fly
Price: $1.95 
murray's mr rapidan dry fly
Murray's March Brown/Attractor
Price: $2.75 
Now Thats American!
Price: $1.75 
PMD Parachute
must have for the West
Price: $1.75 
Quill Gordon
a classic
Price: $1.65 
Red Quill
traditional favorite Hendrickson pattern
Price: $1.65