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Capilene and Long Underwear

The word Capilene has become synonymous with long underwear in our industry. It is simply the best that money can buy...ask anyone in the outdoor world! Not to mention, it lasts forever. Listed here is the Capilene 1 (silkweight), which is the best for next to your skin and the best wicking material, and the Capilene 3 (midweight) for all-around use. Old fashioned Expedition Weight has been replaced with the Regulator stuff in the Insulation Category...and for good reason.
If they told us we couldn't sell this stuff....we'd get out of the business! Stock MRO, Simms & Patagonia Capilene Long underwear colors here but available in others if you desire...let us know. Don't see what you are looking for? We can get you anything and everything that Patagonia makes....and save you some shipping.