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Panfish and Crappie Flies

Panfish and Crappie FliesA nice selection of panfish and crappie flies. Bluegill, Sunfish, Shellcrackers, Redear, Pumpkinseeds.....Bream, matter what you call them, they are a blast to catch on a fly rod and the favorite fish of many. Not to mention, along with Crappie, they are some of the best eating fish in fresh water.

Let's face it, these voracious fish will hit just about anything so you don't necessarily need to be too picky on your fly selection. It is important to have the right hook size and profile so it will fit in their mouth, but this is not a "technical" category here. Basically, pick a few panfish fly patterns for the surface and then a few for sub-surface and you'll be all set.

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