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TFO Padded Travel Rod Case


Built from industrial nylon fabric and high density closed cell foam, the fishing rod case is super lightweight (weighs one-pound empty) and provides great protection. Please see the note on the color of this product below.

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The TFO Padded Travel Rod Case should be an essential part of every angler's travel gear. Built from industrial nylon fabric and high density closed cell foam, this fishing pole case is super lightweight (weighs one-pound empty) and provides great protection.

The roll-up features a rubberized carry handle, clip-on shoulder strap, bright orange exterior for easy identification, business card ID pocket, four nylon compression straps and is sleeved on both ends to prevent rods from falling out. This roll-up bag will hold between one and seven rods and fits nicely into airline overhead bins.

Regular size will hold any of the following: nine foot four piece fly rods, 10 foot four piece fly rods and seven foot three piece spinning/casting rods.

This "rod quiver" will be on our boats and traveling with us for sure. Fantastic for the car, hide them under the seat.

*****Please note- as of the past year or so (2021), the product has at times been shipped to us in a Gray color. Sometimes orange. Seems they can't make up their mind. Unless we hear otherwise, we will ship the color that we have in stock. If you have a preference, please give us a call and we'll do our best to accomodate. 

The TFO Rod Case.

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