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HMH Tube Fly Starter Kit


Tube fly starter tool and enough tubes and accessories to tie dozens of flies. Comes with the HMH Tube Fly Method DVD.

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The HMH Universal Tube Fly Method is an easy to use, universal system of interchangeable tubes, tools and techniques that lets you tie any style of floating or sinking tube fly for any freshwater or saltwater gamefish. The DVD in this package gets you tying tube flies right away.

Learn why the Pros are switching to Tube Flies to hook and land more fish!!!

What's indside:
* HMH Tube Fly Method DVD
* HMH Starter Tube Fly Tool
* HMH Stainless Starter Pins for tube tool
* HMH Poly Tubes- Large and Small
* HMH Rigid Plastic Tubes- Large and Small
* HMH Micro Tubing
* HMH Hook Holder Tubing
* HMH Aluminum and Copper Tubes- two sizes
* HMH Custom and Standard Coneheads

The HMH Tube Fly Starter Kit includes enough floating and sinking tubes to tie dozens of any type of tube fly. The Starter Tube Tool turns any vise into a tube vise!!!

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