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Orvis Mirage Fluorocarbon



Decent value for good fluorocarbon tippet material.

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Orvis Mirage Tippet material has been updated yet again for 2016! It's still not quite up to the Seaguar breaking strengths but it is a bit cheaper. A good quality Fluorocarbon at a decent price basically.

A refractory index .09 different from that of water makes it virtually invisible. With a specific gravity of 1.76, Mirage breaks surface tension quickly, eliminating surface shadow in topwater presentations and sinking quicker than nylon, making it ideal when used for subsurface presentations. Great all-around tippet material for just about anything and especially popular for nymphing and steelheading.
Orvis Mirage Fluorocarbon tippet material comes on 30 meter spools and now features a cutter on the spool.

0X= 13.2lb
1X= 10.7lb
2X= 8.7lb
3X= 7.1lb
4X= 5.5lb
5X= 4.1lb
6X= 3.0 lb

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