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Slotted Tungsten Beads - Fl. Pink



Mega Slotted Bead. Available here in 4 colors!

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Mega Slotted Beads here.  These Slotted Tungsten beads from our friends at Hareline Dubbin are the go-to for your streamer needs.  From larger jig streamers on Euro rigs to adding/hiding weight under materials on "Swim-Fly" style streamers these are the beads to have.  When tying jig streamers both sizes of beads are specifically great on size 8-2 hooks in either 60 or 90 degree .  For placing on hooks or shanks in large streamers (the hook gauge diameter can vary sizing) we typically use these on size 1 and smaller.  

Hareline's Slotted Tungsten beads allow the tyer the option of using a large bead and ditching the need for adding lead wire.  Tungsten is much more dense than lead and even more dense than the same size brass bead.  A bead also provides a much more compact application of weight than wraps of lead wire.  Not matter what design of flies you are tying Hareline Slotted Tungsten beads have a place on everyone's tying desk.  

* 4.6mm approx. 3/16"
* 5.5mm 7/32"
* Slotted for easy application around various hook designs
* Durable high gloss finish
* 20 per package
* Available here in fl. pink, fl. orange, black and gold.

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