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Trout Beads Chartreuse



A staple in Alaska but now sweeping the Great Lakes and "Steelhead Alley" as well!! Great for tube flies. Color here is Chartreuse.

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A staple in Alaska but now sweeping the Great Lakes and "Steelhead Alley" as well!!

Despite some controversy, chartreuse beads are flat out effective "lures" for steelhead and salmon.  

When "matching the hatch" or "matching the egg drop"- fish the 6mm as trout and sockeye eggs, 6-8mm as Coho and Chum eggs, and 10-12mm as King eggs.

6mm- clear water and highly pressured Steelhead and trout
8mm- clear water and a great all around size for Steelhead and trout
10mm- great size for Steelhead and Alaska
12mm- great for steelhead and salmon especially in high water conditions

Hook Recommendations:
6mm-  Steelhead use Daiichi 1650 #10 or TMC2488H #12 and for trout TMC 2488H #12-14
8mm-  Steelhead and trout Daiichi 1650 or TMC 105 #10
10mm- Steelhead and Salmon Daiichi 1560 or TMC 105 #6-8
12mm- Steelhead and Salmon Daiichi 1560 or TMC 105 #4-6

Using the Bead PEGZ! or a toothpick, peg the bead 1-2 inches above the hook and fish them as you would a nymph or glo-bug. The standard Trout beads for steelhead listed here which are great but check out the Mottled beads and the Blood Dot beads as well.

These trout beads for steelhead also work great for tying tube flies.....they fit right on HMH .031" Micro Tubing and can then be nested inside small diameter rigid tubes. Talk about easy egg sucking leeches!!!!

Color here is Chartreuse.

12mm = 20 per pkg
10mm = 30 per pkg
8mm = 40 per pkg
6mm = 50 per pkg

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