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Echo Shadow Click Fly Reels


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Echo's new Shadow Click Fly Reel is here. What is needed for the competitive angler is the same thing the rest of us need; a reel with spool that is optimized to quickly retrieve line, and a clicker drag that prevents over-run by having a modest amount of resistance.

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The Echo Shadow Click fly reels are designed specifically for Euro or Tight line systems that utilize thin, "Euro" style lines or even monofilment. The work equally well though with conventional light lines and light rods.  At the price, and for what they offer, they will dominate this market. 

Echo's Revolutionary new “adjustable frame” design is available in two sizes so you can fish with both conventional trout lines or thin Euro Nymph lines.  The Line Window keeps your thin diameter lines protected from the gaps and other areas that can grab it. Truly a major advancement that solves a major issue that Euro nymphers often experience with other light fly reels.

* Maintenance-free click-pawl system
* Backlash-free, instant clicker reaction
* Incoming/outgoing audible click
* Durable alloy construction
* Large arbor spool design for fast line pickup and low line memory
* Easy left to right-hand retrieve change
* Warranty:  12 Month Limited Warranty

Echo Shadow Click 2/3 Fly Reel
Diameter- 2.9"
Width- .6"
Weight- 2.36 oz
Capacity- 50 yards of 20lb backing with a standard WF 3wt

Echo Shadow Click 4/5 Fly Reel
Diameter- 3.4"
Width- .9"
Weight- 2.9 oz
Capacity- 125 yards of 20lb backing with a standard WF 5wt


Line This Reel - When you purchase a fly line along with this reel, upon checkout simply pair the two together and choose your backing color. We'll put the correct amount of backing on the reel and load it up properly for FREE.

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From there, we'll load the appropriate amount of backing and the line on the reel for you (no need to buy backing). The backing, rigging and shipping is all on us. Free of charge.

Additional Information

• Fly Line Backing comes in 20lb and 30lb test. It also comes in white, chartreuse, orange, blue, aqua, optic green, yellow and red. Please specify if you have a particular preference. If not specified, we will put on what we feel is appropriate for the outfit.

• Please specify whether you are right or left hand retrieve so that we can set-up and load the reel properly, put this in the "Order Notes" as well.

• Feel free to call us or e-mail us with any questions as we will also do the same if we have any for you.

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