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Barry's Pike Fly

- red/white


This fly goes all the way back to the original book on the subject published many years ago. It has been a staple in the pike arsenal around here for years and now available in the classic red and white color combo.

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Barry's Pike Fly in a size 3/0 in red/white......a top color for these toothy predators. This is the original that he talked about in the book "Pike on the Fly", many years back. Still a great selling Pike Fly.

Just about the only pike fly one needs.....and in the only two colors you need. We have been selling this fly for many years now and it is still a favorite of many. A legendary fly!

This fly was pretty much the original pike fly. A simple rabbit strip style fly with some flash...tied on a Musky and Pike capable hook. Also a great fly for peacock bass as well.

Barry's Pike Fly in Red/White here is tied on a size 3/0 hook. This fly is approximately 6" long.

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