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The ultimate in true rotary vises, made in the USA

Renzetti is a family owned business that started its operations in Romansville PA in the early 70's.  Andy Renzetti started making fly tying hand tools in a one car garage. Frustrated with the fly tying vises that were available at the time, he started working on the Presentation 3000 with the input and support of his brother Robin, that was not the first vise designed by  Renzetti, however it was the first True Rotary vise made.

By 1977 had hobby had become a part time job, and in 1978 he resigned full time job to open Renzetti Custom Machine's doors in a now 3 car garage. Eight years later,  a new manufacturing facility was built and in 1988 Renzetti Inc, as it in know today, was formally introduced.

They take great pride in the fact that every process of their product line is made in the USA.

We have compiled a fairly complete selection of Renzetti Fly Tying Vises here but if you don't see exactly what you are looking for, please let us know. We can have any Renzetti product on your doorstep in a few short days.