Since 1994 in Columbus, Ohio
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Boomerang Tool Company

The finest tools, retractors and line cutters that you can buy

At Boomerang Tool Company, they like to get outdoors. On their team team you’ll find fishermen, hikers, campers, joggers, bikers and just about everything else that involves being outside in the sunshine. So they know firsthand how important having the right gear is to enjoying your time in the wild, and they build products we are excited about using ourselves.

Boomerang Tool Company is founded on American ingenuity and the entrepreneurial spirit. Over 65 years ago, their parent company, West Coast Corporation, invented KEY-BAK, the first self-retracting key reel and they've applied that technology that has been proven to last 1-million pulls to our outdoor products.

Boomerang helps people like you live life to the fullest –no matter where life’s journey leads.