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Tie Fast Knot Tyer


Our best selling nail knot tool for years and years now! Easy to use!

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The Tie-Fast Knot Tyer easily and quickly ties a variety of knots and splices. It is known as  the ultimate “nail” knot tool. Made of one piece stainless steel, this tool enables anglers to tie secure knots in a matter of seconds. It can be used to tie a number of different varieties of the “nail” knot. Unlike other knots that have only one turn holding their ends, the “nail” knot cannot become untied because the tag end of the line is secured by all turns of the knot. It helps to tie tapered leaders to fly lines like no other tool!

* Deep loop channel
* Thumb rest
* Line guide wings
* Hook safety anchor
* O-ring attachment

This tool is featured in several videos on beginning fly fishing and is a must for any fly fisher.

The Tie Fast Knot Tyer comes with instructions for use and has an attachment ring for securing to a zinger.

Tie Fast Knot Tyer- item #F101


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