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Umpqua UPG Fly Boxes

Umpqua UPG Fly Boxes, meet the evolution of premium fly boxes.

UPG LT (Light) and UPG HD (Heavy Duty) - Umpqua's entirely evolved line of UPG fly boxes give any angler multiple features, options and configurations through their flexible designs. Featuring TPE - thermoplastic elastomer injection molded inserts that is extremely durable and temperature stable. Now also featuring foam insert options as well for those who like to travel light.

UPG LT - Slim, single sided boxes with magnetic closures make these the perfect boxes for those who like low profile organization. There's a box for each location, hatch or time of year. High options feature more headroom for bigger flies and greater versatility.

UPG HD - Bomb-proof and water-proof, these Heavy Duty UPG boxes have the highest level of durability and functionality in fly box storage. See-through lids allow maximum visibility of contents and the new TPE inserts provide the strongest fly grip storage available. Swing-leafs are magnetized to assure swing-leaf remains in proper place when opening/closing.