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Tenkara Lines

Tenkara fly lines are specifically designed for use with tenkara fly-fishing and an angler must use tenkara lines with their rod- a western fly line should not be used for tenkara. We recommend anglers try both the traditional and the level lines as they may find they prefer one over the other; the level lines also allow for longer lines to be used.
Traditional lines: tapered and furled, these are very easy to cast and quick to setup. Length is fixed. Good to begin with.
Level lines: are good alternatives for casting against wind or fishing larger streams. Coming in spools of 65 ft, these lines can also be cut to the desired length and will yield a couple of lines of different lengths. #3.5 thinner, more challenging to cast but easier to keep off the water. #4.5 heavier, so easier to cast, slightly more challenging to keep off the water. Shop Tenkara fly lines online.