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Rio Fly Lines

Rio are the true masters at specialty fly lines and with their advancements in speylines. The introduction of the SlickCast, DirectCore and ConnectCore Plus in late 2020 puts them right at the top of the heap in fly line manufacturers. 

What is most tangible about Rio's SlickCast lines is just how slick they are. You'll feel the slickness before you even have a chance to spool it up, you'll love the slickness on your first cast, and you'll be stunned by the slickness after countless days on the water. Whether it's the extra distance that comes with ease, or the extended drag-free drifts, SlickCast lines slip effortlessly through your rod guide. And, as essential slickening agents constantly migrate to the exterior surface, you can trust your SlickCast line to be as lick next season as the day you bought it. 

If you have any questions about selecting the right fly line for your needs, feel free to give us a call at the shop. We know fly lines!

Also remember that if you buy a reel and a fly line together, we'll be happy to load it up properly with the appropriate backing for FREE. Choose your backing color in the checkout......and it's on us.