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Clouser Minnows

Hardly a more popular or influential sub-surface fly than the Clouser Minnow. When Bob Clouser 1st invented this fly many years ago, we wonder if he knew how important his contribution to the sport would be? Truly one of the most popular categories of flies here in the shop and on our website. Lefty Kreh once said that the Clouser Minnow is the most effective underwater fly ever developed. We'd have to agree.

All our Clouser Minnow flies are well tied on chemically sharpened hooks and come from reputable manufacturers. We strive to bring you the best quality flies at reasonable prices. We don't sell crap....plenty of other places for that.

Here we feature our favorite Clouser Minnows as well as a few other Bob Clouser flies and related patterns. As always, if you don't see what you need here, just let us know.

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