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Three Rivers Lodge- Brook Trout

The ultimate wilderness fly fishing experience, deep in the heart of Labrador

2025 Dates TBA!  

Quite possibly the finest trophy brook trout fishing on the planet. Three Rivers Lodge is a true anglers dream. Robin Reeve and Company do an amazing job at putting us into the most remote areas of Labrador....and onto some of the largest brook trout to be found. As well as pike, lake trout and more!  A magical place, an amazing experience.


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Labrador Fishing Experience

Three Rivers Lodge is a wilderness fly fishing camp located in the Labrador bush some 150 miles northeast of Labrador City and Wabush, twin mining towns in the southwest corner of Labrador. Our trip to Three Rivers Lodge offers fly anglers exclusive access to the remote, nutrient-rich streams, rapids and lakes of the Woods River system. Three Rivers Lodge features main camps on Crossroads Lake, where the float planes land. It also features a full amenity outpost camp down river at the 5th Rapids.


The Woods River system is a remarkable wilderness resource. It’s vast, over 100 miles long from its source - a myriad of headwaters creeks flowing into the three feeder streams, then on into the main river with more than a dozen brawling rapids. It’s wild, patrolled by bald eagles and ospreys, habitat for mink and otter, sustenance for caribou and black bear, and fertile home to big cold-water fish. Every day you'll share this land with only your guide, your fishing buddy, and the thriving boreal landscape. It’s alive, with mayflies, caddis, stoneflies, and the various stages thereof; dace, darters, sculpins and minnows, fertile hunting waters for the predators: brook trout, northern pike, and lake trout.

Successful fly angling on the Three Rivers Lodge begins with your host and guides. Hosted by Brian Flechsig and guided by the Three Rivers Lodge guide team, each guide is hand-picked by manager and head guide Kevin Barry. Each is an affable and engaging professional who has dedicated his livelihood to the ways of the wilderness. All guides are highly proficient in handling small boats in varied waters and are licensed to do so by the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador. All staff members train and are current in First Aid and in CPR as required by the Province. Kev and his guides are “Newfies” and Frenchmen, all self-reliant outdoorsmen, and their laughter, stories and friendship on the water and around the dining table will be the highlight of your visit.

The team at Three Rivers Lodge has twenty-one seasons behind them, with full awareness that it is the stunning wild brook trout and their cold-water kin that lure fly anglers to their little corner of Labrador. But what brings guests back regularly is the quality staff of "Newfies" and "Frenchmen" that call camp their summer home. Full good cheer and ever ready with a helping hand, these folks are the best, the backbone of Three Rivers Lodge. On day one, you'll know you've joined another delightful family.

The northern pike and lake trout fisheries in the flat water remain almost untouched. And Three Rivers Lodge continues to raise the standard of sporting camps in Labrador. The fishery, still only lightly explored to date, affords our guests a memorable escape into a quieter time past where wild waters hold the daily adventure of life-long dreams. The brook trout fishing is 100% hook and release. We trust you will share a commitment to the care and protection of our wilderness areas so these trips into the past will be our promise to the future.

The Woods River proper is a fast flowing, freestone river broken frequently by lakes, ponds and broad reaches. Its numerous sets of rapids vary in length from 100 yards to almost a mile. In these rapids brook trout concentrate on feeding stations throughout the season. The rapids offer a diversity of haunts and holding water; plunge pools, riffles and runs, large boulders, creases and willow-lined undercut banks – a river fisher’s paradise. Feeder streams are too numerous to count. Some provide sanctuary for the smaller trout, but many hold the big boys.

Three Rivers Lodge gets it's name from the three main feeder rivers, Rick’s Run, Eagle river and Victoria River, which form the headwaters of the Woods. Each of these flows wanders some 20 or 30 miles out of the spruce and tamarack forests and offers spectacular scenery and holding water. In the three largest lakes, Crossroads, Vezina and Knox, mighty northerns and lakers sulk in the coves and spring holes.

Three Rivers Lodge

As you see above, Three Rivers Lodge has a series of private guest cabins; one four-person cabin with two private bedrooms and two private bathrooms; three two-person cabins, each with a private bathroom, bedroom and a sitting room with refrigerator and wood stove. They are largely built from traditional native materials - log rafters and paneled walls – and exude the warmth and mood of time-honored sporting camps. Each cabin is comfortable and tight against insect intrusion. Boardwalks connect all of the cabins to the cook lodge, the docks and to each other. Without exception, Three Rivers Lodge accommodations have exceeded all of our visitors' expectations.

Down river, our 5th Rapids Outpost Camp (above left) is built to the exact style and quality of the cabins in our main camps. This camp affords anglers the opportunity to spend a couple of days and the night in between fishing the very productive mid section of the river, namely rapids 3 through 8.

Join Mad River Outfitters at Three Rivers Lodge

July  23rd- 30th, 2022

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Three Rivers Lodge is 150 miles from the nearest town, but that’s not all. They only allow limited fly fishers onto their watershed at any one time. The only people you will see while on the river are your partner and your guide, unlike Alaska lodges, for example, where there could be 30 or more anglers in camp and where you frequently compete with other lodges for a place to stand in the river.

Located in western Labrador, Canada, the Woods River system remains one of the last unspoiled fisheries in the world. As Three Rivers Lodge enters their third decade of hosting fly anglers for its native brook trout, their standing commitment to stewardship of this rare resource - catch-and-release since day 1, widely dispersing angling pressure - has proven that such care and attention can and will conserve these fish, preserve the fishery and sustain these amazing angling opportunities. After all, that's why they're here.

Along their rivers, streams and ragged hills, there is angling magic to be found. You will see it in the eyes of their staff, hear it in the guides' stories, and feel it out there in the rugged country, unspoiled and quiet. Labrador stays with you. The wilderness angling adventure at Three Rivers Lodge is about (and beyond) your imagination.

Included in the trips:

• Lodging at the camps.
• All inclusive meals.
• Fully guided fishing with Andy Jensen and Three Rivers Lodge guides.

Not Included in the trips:

• Airfare to and from your home town 
• Hotel Stay on Thursday night upon arrival.
• Fishing license and tackle
• Gratuities

Can't make our Hosted Trip dates? Mad River Outfitters serves as a full booking agent and outfitter for Three Rivers Lodge. Let us put together a trip for you!

Unbelievable brook trout await you in Labrador.

Guests at Three Rivers Lodge have exclusive access to the Woods River fishery. Its feeder streams and rapids are prime brook trout water. The lakes and broad reaches of the system offer superb fishing for lake trout, northern pike and whitefish. The float-plane is available for fly-outs for Arctic char and landlocked salmon (in season) to waters beyond our river system.

They allow only fly fishing with single, barbless hooks in the river and we release all the brookies we catch. (Carved mounts can be made from pictures & measurements that equal or exceed traditional skin mounts.) We have remarkable fishing for lake trout and northern pike. Often overlooked, these species are abundant, feisty and aggressive. Anglers may fish the flat waters for lake trout and pike with fly rod or with spinning gear and lures with single, barbless hooks.

Additional options for their prime season plan include fly-outs for Arctic char and landlocked salmon (in season) to rivers other than our Woods River. (Available for an additional charge to cover flight costs only.)

Mad River Outfitters

Three Rivers Lodge

Labrador Brook Trout


2025 Dates TBA


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Includes all meals, lodging and seven days of guided fishing.