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Tube Flies

What are Tube Flies?

A Tube Fly is a fly tied on a tube! They're easy to rig and fun to fish. Better yet, they are some of the most versatile and effective fly-tying flies that you can use for all kinds of gamefish. 

To rig a tube fly, simply thread the tippet through the fly fish tube, then tie to your hook of choice. Snug the hook eye into the rear of the tube, and you're ready to catch fish.

What are Convertible Tube Flies?

Same appearance and benefits as traditional tube flies (see above) only treated as components....heads/tubes and tails/hooks. Components can be interchanged to create endless "mix and match" color and profile combinations.

  • Always have the right tube fly in your box to match the food source or fishing condition at hand.
  • More room in your vest because you can eliminate half of the fly boxes with this new tube fly concept.

Why Fish Tube Flies?

  • Low mortality...if a fish swallows the hook just simply cut the leader! The hook will dissolve away without causing any additional harm to fish...just replace the hook and continue fishing!
  • Pattern size and style aren’t dependent on hook style like conventionally tied flies!
  • Can switch your hooks from freshwater styles to saltwater or visa versa.
  • Endless hook options (primarily short shank)...single, double and treble with fine, standard or extra strong wire diameters.
  • Less hook leverage with shorter shank hooks when fighting fish resulting in a higher percentage of landed fish...catch more fish!
  • Fly slides up leader during the fight...away from sharp teeth! Your tube flies will last longer!
  • If hook breaks or dulls simply replace it and continue fishing the same fly
  • Incorporate brass tube bodies, cones and beads to add or adjust sink rates of flies.

All kinds of existing patterns can be improved by tying them as convertible tubes: woolly buggers, zonkers, leeches, fresh and saltwater baitfish patterns, deceivers, clousers, even small or large nymphs. The possibilities are endless and you can find everything you need for tube fly tying at Mad River!!!

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