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River Plate Anglers- Amazon Peacock Bass

High adventure in the heart of the Amazon Jungle with River Plate Anglers

August 3rd- 10th, 2024- with host Pat Kelly- TRIP SOLD OUT

January 12th- 19th, 2025- 
with host Ryan Ratliff- TRIP SOLD OUT

We have been hosting these trips every year, sometimes twice a year, since 2005! Simply the most "high-adventure" trips that we offer. Join us in the Amazon Jungle in Brazil aboard the floating cabin system developed and perfected by our great friends at River Plate Anglers.



Fly fish the most remote parts of the Brazilian Amazon

This is simply the most exciting trip we have ever hosted! Fishing for Peacock Bass at it's finest! You get yourself to Manuas, Brazil on the first date listed (we'll help with this) and we'll do the rest. Manaus is only a 4.5 hour flight from Miami and is in the same time zone! Easy!

We are convinced that this is the best, and most unique "system" for chasing Peacock Bass in the Amazon! The floating cabin system that moves you up and down these rivers is the most effective, and the most unique way to fish these incredible waters. On top of that, River Plate now features "Exclusive" private waters we, are the only ones allowed to fish the waters that we do. Nobody else in the Amazon can offer this.

Our hosted trips are limited to 7 anglers, plus a representative from Mad River Outfitters. We are there to assist and to make sure that you have the trip that we promised you. If you can't make our scheduled trip dates, Mad River Outfitters can put together a trip with these folks for you at any time! Our prices are always the same as the outfitter, our booking services are FREE.

Join Mad River Outfitters Ryan Ratliff in Brazil:

January 12th- 19th, 2025

2025 OPENS 2/14/24

We are very excited to be one of the few booking agents for River Plate Outfitters. They are the oldest (since 1992) outfitter in the Amazon and, as such, they have the know-how to provide and unparalleled fly fishing adventure! Their operation consists of Fly-In Cabin barges, that's right; the lodge is a series of barges.

These barges have proved, during their 20+ year Amazon experience, the perfect solution providing mobility, comfort and luxury. Drawing only about 6 inches of water, the small barges are a break-through for navigating over shallow water barriers, away from all fishing pressure!

The Floating Camp

The ability to bypass natural barriers is the key to exceptional fishing. Although the popular houseboats and yachts offer the mobility needed to consistently find decent water levels, they can only reach the fringe of the really good fishing. The houseboats/yachts and even commercial river boats must stop where low water prevents passage and this is where the great fishing starts!

River Plate Outfitter's Fly-In Cabin Barges are 4 to 6 hours upriver (even in a super fast bass boat from these fringe locations). And although many land-based lodges are situated at these natural barriers, they become rapidly over-fished 2-3 hours upriver or downriver. River Plate's barges however, can move freely to unfished river segments, so you can start the day casting from your room!

Included in the trips:
• 6 days guided fishing & lodging.
• All inclusive meals & alcohol (beer, wine and liquor).
• Fully guided fishing with our trip host and River Plate Outfitters guides.
• Daily laundry services.
• Brazilian Fishing Licenses.

Not Included in the trips:
• International airfare
• Guide & Staff tips
• Food and drink in Manaus.
• Airport departure taxes
• Satellite phone calls ($5/minute)

Can't make our Hosted Trip dates? Mad River Outfitters serves as a full booking agent and outfitter for River Plate Outfitters in the Brazilian Amazon. Let us put together a trip for you!

Fly fishing for wild Peacock Bass

Peacock bass belong to the Cichlids group. This is the most highly evolved group of fishes in the world. All around the globe we find hundreds of species representing some of the most diverse fish groups in the rivers and oceans. Peacock bass have evolved in the most efficient predators of the group and the mostly on other fish.

Their ferocity, their strength, their speed, and their notable size in the Amazon basin enables them to predate on almost every other species there. Their enormous bucket-mouth can engulf a surprisingly large prey, making almost anything smaller than them a good candidate for supper, quite like a largemouth bass on steroids. Fifteen recognized species are found in the Amazon river basin.

In its bright spawning color phase it is called “assu” in Brazil or “3 bars” in the U.S. They become much heavier and deeper bodied in this phase due to pre-spawn changes and matured gonads.

In the “paca” (Portuguese) form, Chichla temensis shows a darker color pattern and a more hydrodynamic shape.

Identification is made somewhat complex by the species’ morphological variability. Specimens are observed in two very distinct pattern and color phases with a series of intermediate stages corresponding to their degree of reproductive readiness. The regular spawning pattern transformation process is very gradual – the bars darken, colors brighten and the white speckles disappear. The brilliantly colored assu is in reproductively active condition.

The Paca stage has white or yellow dots arranged in four distinct longitudinal rows. Both morphs have three distinct dark bars along the sides of the body that are more faded in the Paca stage, and a distinct black stripe or speckled markings from the eye to the end of the opercular bone (cheek or gill cover), no ocelli are found on the sides or at the base of the second dorsal.

Mad River Outfitters

River Plate Outfitters

Amazon Jungle, Brazil

hosted by Ryan Ratliff


January 12th- 19th, 2025


$6,490.00 per angler 

Included in this Trip: 6 days guided float fishing, Brazilian fishing licenses, all meals & alcohol.