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TFO/Mangrove Push Poles



Finally, a push pole that isn't going to kill you in shipping charges! If you order from us.....there aren't any shipping charges!

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Mangrove Push Pole Assembly Guide

Click Here to download instructions on how to assemble a Mangrove Push Pole

Finally, a boat push pole that isn't going to kill you in shipping charges! If you order TFO Mangrove Push Poles from us.....there aren't any shipping charges!
56" carbon fiber sections are joined with the ingenious "ferrules" so you have a fishing push pole for sale that can easily be shipped right to your door. You then carefully put the pieces together using epoxy/cement and off you go! Detailed instructions will be e-mailed to you....but it's really pretty easy.


These are great push poles for boats from the folks at TFO and Lefty and Flip/Mangrove and they have really been getting some good reviews! You can purchase push pole components online.
Sold here are the complete poles in the following lengths:
14'9"- includes 3 sections/2 ferrules/tip and crotch
19'6"- includes 4 sections/3 ferrules/tip and crotch
24'2"- includes 5 sections/4 ferrules/tip and crotch
Components also sold seperately!

**Please note- the assembly instructions are available right here as a PDF download. In case you miss it on the front end, the link will also be provided along with your final receipt.

**These do not come with the epoxy but the recommended stuff is included in the PDF of instructions. They are easy to put together and it can literally take minutes!

***Please note that these poles are not available for international, 2-day or overnight shipping due to the oversized package. Please rest assured as they ship from Dallas so pretty much 2-4 days anywhere in the US anyways!!! Please call with any questions.

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