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Piette's Ol Mr. Wiggly

- yellow


Finally a Bass worthy terrestrial! Wisconsin Smallmouth guide, Charlie Piette designed this fly for targeting Smallmouth Bass in low water conditions we commonly have in the Summer and early Fall.

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Ol Mr. Wiggly was designed by Wisconsin guide Charlie Piette and the crew over at Tight Lines Fly Fishing Company. This pattern designed for targeting Smallmouth Bass in the low water conditions commonly found in the Summer and early Fall. 

When fishing this pattern it is most effective if fished with a "dead drift" and occasionally twitching the fly. Sometimes the fish prefer the quiet subtle presentation you get with this fly as opposed to a big loud popper. This pattern perfectly exploits the sampling nature of the bass and is often times the best way to catch bass when the water is low and clear.   

Tied here in the yellow colorway and on a beefed up #2 hook!

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