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Vinyl Rib - Medium



Vinyl Rib - Medium

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Hareline Vinyl Rib is a translucent half round material with many uses for the fly tyer.  With a slight bit of stretch this plastic material is a great choice for bodies and ribbing on nymphs.  Naturally clear, most of the lighter dyed colors will allow for the underbody to show through.  Wrap this Vinyl Rib either side-by-side or spaced out to create the desired segmentation effect.  Applying vinyl ribbing over shaggy dubbing is a much better choice than wire as it does not "sink" into the dubbing.

Size medium here we find that this size is great for average hooks in the 6-12 size range.  The large range of color options allow for the tyer to add a fluorescent flare or stick to the natural color for nymphs, baitfish, or shrimp patterns.  

Vinyl Rib Medium
Hook range 6-12
* Ribbing on big nymphs
* Segmented Bodies for nymphs and shrimp patterns

The size for Crazy Charlie and other saltwater patterns
Transparent (Black = Solid Color)
* Ribbing on big nymphs

 Approximately 10'


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