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Renzetti Tool Bar - Purple



The BEST Tool Bar on the Market!

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The Renzetti Tool Bar is designed to hold a number of fly-tying hand tools including scissors. A locking thumb screw for a parachute attachment or Enhancement Plate is located on the opposite side from the stem. This tool bar is made out of anodized aluminum and will fit any vise with a 3/8" stem. Its locking mechanism is superior to any toolbar on the market by grasping around the stem not just a pressure fitting. Measurement gauges in metric on one side and standard on the other make unique additions. It is available in 2 sizes and a number of colors (clear, black, purple, green, and blue) to customize your vise.

This Made in America tool bar features various openings for scissors, bobbins, bodkins, and other tools.  The 6" version offers 6 side holes (3 on each side), 5 holes on the top with varying diameters, and one oval slot for wider tools like scissors.  On the 4.5" version there are 4 side slots, 3 round top slots, and one oval slot for wider tools like scissors.

Renzetti Tool Bar Features:
• Many colors (clear, black, purple, green, and blue)
• 4.5" length offers 4 side slots, 3 round top slots and an oval slot
 6" length offers 6 side slots, 5 round top slots, and an oval slot
• Both Standard and Metric measurements
• Vertical and angled slots for tools
• Easily adjustable locking mechanism 
• Locking slot for Visual Enhancement plates or Parachute Post tools
• Anodized Matte finish
•Made in America

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