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Pieroway Renegade 11' 7wt Fly Rod


Pieroway Renegade R1107- 11' 7wt- This rod may well be the best 11' 7wt out there.....certainly the smoothest. From the Pacific Northwest to Michigan and Ohio Rivers.....swinging for big Trout in Alaska. A versatile "Steelheaders Dream". Designed by Jerry French and feature a padded rod tube, camo rod sock and the Pieroway Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.

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The Pieroway Renegade is an ultra compact switch series utilizing the latest in carbon fiber technology and designed to be highly functional in close quarters fly fishing situations. Every detail from the rod tapers and actions to the handle styles are designed to minimize the learning curve and maximize fishing performance for new switch anglers and the experienced two-handed caster alike. Each 7-weight fly rod for sale is designed to match with an ultra-compact Skagit or Scandi line (recommendations below) that can then be tailored to a wide tip window for maximum versatility and absolutely no guess work.

Characterized by pewter colored blank, titanium guides with army green wraps, lightweight woven graphite reel seat and camouflaged rubberized cork handle with a full fighting butt, this unique rod series gives the caster the option to use either handle style for easy two-handed casting or an awesome fighting butt. The Pieroway Renegade does it all with fluidity, precision and power.

All Pieroway Switch rods come with a padded square rod case, a cool camo rod sack and feature a lifetime unconditional warranty.

Pieroway Renegade R1107- 11' 7wt- This Pieroway Renegade fly rod may well be the best 11' 7wt out there....certainly the smoothest. From the Pacific Northwest to Michigan and Ohio Rivers.....swinging for big Trout in Alaska....this rod will do it if you are hunting migratory fish. A versatile "Steelheaders Dream".

5 1/2 oz.

Line Recommendations-

Indicator Line: SA Andadro 9wt/Rio IT Switch Line 6/7wt
Rio Spey: Skagit Max Short 300
Royal Wulff Ambush: 9wt
SA Spey Lite Skagit: 330-360
SA Spey Lite Scandi: 360
Rio Tips with Scandi: Spey Versi Leaders
Rio Tips with Skagit: Med MOW T-11
SA Tips with Scandi: Sonar Leaders
SA Tips with Skagit: 8' TC Tip/10' TC Tip

Make This an Outfit - Purchase a fly line and reel along with this rod. At checkout simply pair the two together and choose your backing color. We'll put the correct amount of backing on the reel and load it up properly for FREE.

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