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Fly Line Backing - 20lb



Standard braided dacron backing from the folks at Scientific Anglers. 20lb orange variety here in a few different lengths.

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 Fly line backing here sold in 20lb and the color is orange from our friends at Scientific Anglers. Standard Dacron Backing is built with advanced 3M technology that allows them to create small diameter backing without losing the inherent strength of the backing material. 

* Exceptionally thin material for more reel capacity
* Low coefficient of friction minimizes wear on guides
* High abrasion resistance
* Extremely high visibility- available here in 20lb orange
* Colorfast
* Diameter on the 20lb is .018"/ 0.46mm
* Variety of sizes here but if you don't see the exact amount you are looking for just let us know

****Please remember that if you are buying a rod and reel combo outfit from us, or a reel and we are putting a line on it for you, there is no need to buy the backing seperately. We will install the proper amount it for you at no charge. 

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