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SolarEz UV Resins

solarez uv cure fly tying resinsSolarez UV Fly Tying Resins are highly regarded amongst professional tyers as being the best that you can buy.....and we tend to agree. No more mixing 2-part epoxies! No more wasting precious time while waiting for messy epoxies to set--up while you are tying. They cure in seconds to a no tack finish! 

Apply all UV curable products in full shade or indoors, flash with UV Flashlight for 30 secs, continue working on fly. To completely cure resin, expose to sunlight or use flashlight for about 3 minutes.

Solarez UV curing resins available here in the Bone-Dry, Flex, Thick and Thin formulas. As always, if you have any questions about these products, or any others that we sell, don't hesitate to contact us. We use what we sell and we sell what we use.