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High N Dry Fishing Products

high n dry fishing productsAs Fly fishers, the folks at High N Dry Fishing Products recognized the need for better performing environmentally friendly fly floatants! High N Dry Fishing Products, LLC develops and manufactures the world’s best performing floatants & desiccants.

High N Dry is committed to providing the best performing, safest, and environmentally conscious products available!


* Reverse-engineered the most popular floatants and desiccants
* Scientific approach to improve performance over existing products
* Designed by professional chemists with over 100 U.S. patents
* Data to prove HnD is the best!
* Field tested by over 200 professional guides and fly-fishing enthusiasts 
* HnD has taken a scientific approach to develop the very best and safest products
* Virtually every product of significance uses a Rain Coat approach- coat the fly fiber with a water repelling barrier
* Proprietary formulations actually adds buoyancy
* NO solvents, non toxic and environmentally safe