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Echo 84B Fly Rods

One of the best Bass and Streamer rods ever made!

The Echo 84B fly rods are some of the most exciting new rods to come along in years.....especially for "Midwestern" anglers. Our entire staff has been begging for these rods for years.....and Echo finally listened. Truly one of the best Bass and small stream Streamer rods ever made! Three models in the line from 6wt- 8wt.

The 84B is Tim Rajeff’s answer to the need for a rod that can cast big flies accurately in adverse conditions. The rod was developed with bass anglers in mind and was tested extensively on smallies and largemouth. Of course, an excellent and much needed small stream Streamer rod as well.  Quick pickup and minimal false casting makes this the ultimate rod for ambush species, and a perfect choice for intermediate or sinking lines......but also excel with floating lines.

Make This an Outfit - Purchase a fly line and reel along with this rod. At checkout simply pair the two together and choose your backing color. We'll put the correct amount of backing on the reel and load it up properly for FREE.