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Simms Waders

 Simms is pretty much the undisputed "Kings of Waders".

You see more of their products out there than any others...and for good reason. Simms makes GREAT fly fishing waders. Simms also boasts the best warranty in the wader business. Within the 1st year, if you waders leak for any reason, Simms will repair them at no charge, you just need to get them back to us or to Simms and they will take care of it.

Beyond the first year, a standard repair will cost $40.00 + shipping and an advanced repair will cost $65.00 + shipping. Of course there is no charge if you wader shows issues of manufacturing defects at any time.


Any questions on products here, or sizing, don't hesitate to give us a call at the shop. Customer Service is what we do for a living!