Mad River Outfitters

Hareline Dubbin

Stonfo Half Hitch Tool Set
what a cool tool!!!
Price: $8.75 
Stonfo Long Spring Hackle Pliers
why didn't we think of this?
Price: $8.49 
synthetic quill body wrap
it's about time!
Price: $3.95 
Teal Flank
bold and clear barring
Price: $2.09 
Tear Mender
for gluing rabbit strips and hides
Price: $8.25 
Turkey Biot Quills
for quill bodies
Price: $2.49 
Wasatch Small Fur Comb
finer than the Griffin
Price: $14.59 
Zonker Strips
Rabbit fur strips
Price: $2.59 
Zonker Strips- Black Barred
grizzly barred zonker strips
Price: $4.79 
Zonker Strips- Crosscut
For wrapping bodies
Price: $2.59 
Zonker Strips- Magnum
For larger flies
Price: $2.59