Mad River Outfitters

Hareline Dubbin

Predator Holo Flashabou
20 inches!
Price: $9.25 
Premo Deer Hair Strips
awesome stuff- and alot of it
Price: $10.50 
Pro Lite- FTL100
hot item!
Price: $120.00 
Quill Stems
for quill bodies
Price: $3.29 
Rubber Legs- Grizzly Barred
medium rubber legs with black banding
Price: $4.25 
Senyo's Intruder Trailer Hook Wire
perfect for artiulated flies!
Price: $5.49 
Senyo's Intruder Trailer Hook Wire
for size 6 and smaller
Price: $5.49 
Senyo's Laser Dub
critical stuff!
Price: $2.49 
senyo's predator wrap
hot material!
Price: $5.95 
Senyo's Wacko Hackle
wow this is cool stuff
Price: $3.59 
ice dub shimmer fringe
game changing streamer material
Price: $5.25 
ice dub minnow back shimmer fringe
super cool stuff
Price: $5.25 
clear flexible coating- many uses
Price: $11.25 
Spey Plumes
ostrich suitable for winding
Price: $2.95 
Squirrel Tail Combo Pack
sample pack
Price: $5.75 
Starling Skin
hard to find
Price: $6.79