Mad River Outfitters

Hareline Dubbin

fine grizzly barred rubber legs
nymphs or dries
Price: $4.95 
Hare's Ear Plus Dispenser
all the cool colors
Price: $15.29 
Hare's Ear Plus Dubbing
our favorite all-around nymph dub
Price: $2.19 
Hungarian Partridge Feathers
soft hackle staple- natural and colors
Price: $3.25 
Hungarian Partridge Skins
A must for soft hackle tyers! Natural and dyed
Price: $27.95 
Ice Dub
Add some flash to your flies!
Price: $2.39 
Ice Dub Dispenser
12 of the hottest colors!
Price: $16.50 
Ice Wing Fiber- 8"
great for baitfish patterns
Price: $2.25 
lady amherst pheasant tail feathers
gorgeous feathers
Price: $16.95 
opal mirage lateral scale
great addition to any fly
Price: $4.69 
opal mirage lateral scale 1/16
great addition to any fly
Price: $4.50 
Mallard Flank- Dyed
four colors
Price: $2.19 
Marabou- Grizzly Mini
best seller!
Price: $2.69