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About Our Staff

Brian Flechsig

Brian Flechsig tied his first fly and caught his first fish on a fly rod when he was seven years old. Today, from his fly shop in Columbus, Ohio,which he founded in 1994, Brian outfits sportsmen, teaches classes and guides groups on fishing trips to some of the world’s best places to fish. He has been in the fly fishing business for most of his adult life. Brian is one of America’s new generation of fly fishing personalities and has been featured in a series of fly fishing instructional videos from Mad River Media, including the new title, Carpin’ with good friend Dave Whitlock. Regular guest appearances on the popular television show “The Walker’s Cay Chronicles” with Flip Pallot, have made Brian one of the most recognized names and faces in mid-western fly fishing arena.

He is the author of “The Fly Fisher’s Guide to the Mad River”, Ohio’s premier trout stream and is active in many conservation activities and efforts to bring the sport of fly fishing to everyone.

Brian oversees the entire operations of Mad River Outfitters along with his sister companies Mad River Media and Patagonia Trouters USA. He is very versed at many aspects of fly fishing....and holds a special passion for saltwater. He served as our head guide at the Wilds for 8 seasons and is also passionate about largemouth on the fly. He also still finds time for a few days on the Mad River in his AuSable River boat.

Andy Jensen

Andy grew up in California fly fishing for wild trout in the pristine headwaters of the Owen's River, as well as the saltwater monsters of the Pacific Ocean. He has years of experience fishing for many types of local fish including trout, bass and steelhead, eventually turning to carp as the most constantly challenging and rewarding gamefish. He has spent the last several seasons researching the best pieces of carp fishing water in central Ohio, and began professionally guiding other anglers in 2007.

Andy joined our sales team here in the shop in the Spring of 2009. He has quickly worked his way up the ranks and now serves as our General Manager. He's the boss around the shop! He will also be doing some limited guiding this year about the Fly-N-Carp- check it out Here!

David Lewis

After a youth spent chasing catfish and bass in Ohio's warmwater lakes, David discovered fly fishing and at this point....can't get the hook out!

Stepping away from a successful career as a journalist and magazine editor, he chose to pursue fly fishing and guiding full-time in order to share his passion for the sport with others. Needless to say, he's thrilled to be working at one of the largest fly fishing outfitters in the U.S.

A veteran of the U.S. Navy, he has thrown streamers at big Bow River Rainbows, hiked into burn areas to find innocent brook trout, and now pursues big Muskie and Pike in North Central Ohio. He has also become quite proficient on our home river..the Mad.

We are thrilled to have David on staff here at MRO and will be utilizing his many talents including his writing skills on our blogs and social media. He will be working in the shop as well as guiding on the the Mad River, for Largemouth Bass in Southeastern Ohio, and teaching a few classes here and there.

Pat Kelly

Pat has been a lifelong customer of Mad River much so that we finally had to put him to work!

At the age of 3, Pat began fishing for bluegill and bass on his family property in Southern Ohio. Around the age of 10, he fell in love with the art of fly fishing and fly tying. Since then he has spent most of his time honing his skills on our local waters chasing everything from selective trout on the Mad River, aggressive Musky in Southern Ohio and the wily carp every where in-between. He has also spent a lot of time down on the flats of Florida's East and West coasts chasing everything from Redfish to Permit. After graduating high school he pursued a career as a chef but soon realized that it was cutting into his valuable fishing time.

Pat has been working as a salesman in the shop since Summer 2008 and will soon be teaching some classes and doing a bit of guiding as well. He is great to work with! He loves to teach and share his knowledge with others.

Jim Andrix

For almost 13 years, Jim Andrix was as much a staple in the shop as our dog bear! He has been as faithful an emplyee as anyone could ask for.....and also one of our most talented.

Jim has been fly fishing since the early sixties and is truly a pioneer in many aspects of the sport.....he just does it quietly. He is our resident warmwater expert and will gladly tell you that he is not much of a trout fisherman but would much prefer a smallmouth bass. He is also an excellent carp fisherman and has been featured in the Mad River Media DVD- "Carpin" with Brian Flechsig and Dave Whitlock. He is also known for developing the now-famous Jim's Lil' of the most versatile flies of all time........ which has recieved national acclaim in recent years.

As of Spring 2010, Jim has taken an early retirement and plans on enjoying the actual fishing part of his life. He will still be around the shop on occaision and may be available for local smallmouth guiding. He will be missed on a daily basis but we are also very excited about the fact that he actually gets to go fishing now! Best of Luck Jim!

Linda Farner

Linda Farner has been with Mad River Outfitters since early 2011 and has climbed the "corporate ladder" become our softgoods manager. She works in the shop 5 days a week....10-3 p.m. except Tuesdays when she's here 4-8 p.m.

She's in charge of the "front" of the store and manages companies like Barbour, Kuhl, Patagonia, Howler Brothers and more. Also resposible for our recent expansion in the Women's Department. She does a good portion of the merchandising in the shop and also keeps the boys in line.

She knows virtually nothing about fly fishing and plans to keep it that way! Her job is selling clothing and in particular women's clothing. She does a great job though of helping guys select gifts for their wives.

Linda lives here in Columbus and has for many years now but comes to us from Iowa. She has a great husband John and two teenage boys and claims that she loves her life and her job!

Stop by the shop and she'll be happy to help!

Dick Davidson

Dick's life-long passion for fly fishing began at age 8 in Wyoming and Montana when size #16 flies were considered very "small" flies. He has fished from New England to the Blue Ribbon streams of the West and also in Alaska. During his college years, Dick combined fly fishing and backpacking to fish infrequently visited waters located in the scenic areas of the Bighorn Mountains, the Teton Wilderness Area, The Wind River Mountains and in Glacier and Yellowstone Parks. Dick is also an avid fly tyer and enjoys teaching fly tyers of all ages who are new to this hobby. At age 10 he was a commercial fly tyer, selling Joe's Hoppers to his neighborhood friends, until he exhausted his dad's supply of Herter's fly tying materials. Today, Dick's favorite fly fishing destinations include the Mad River in Ohio and the Montana Mother's Day Caddis hatch.

As of September 2008, Dick is now back with us as Fly Tying manager and general computer geek.. He will also be teaching fly tying classes as usual and helping out with the new Entomology class. He is also very instrumental part of making sure the "technical" aspects of Mad River Outfitters work.......he knows computers as well as he does hatches!

Graham Stokes

Like many of our staff, Graham has been a customer at MRO since day one. An avid fly angler for more than 15 years, in 2006 he realized that his day job was cutting into his fishing time so he left the corporate world to pursue his dream of becoming a "professional fly fisherman".

Although based in central Ohio, and originally from England, he regularly travels to Chaffee County, Colorado where he fishes, floats and guides on the upper Arkansas River.

Graham joined our staff in January of 2007....and we are really lucky!

He works part-time for the shop as a Guide and Instructor. He is available as an MRO Guide for Trout on the Clearfork, Erie steelhead and local largemouth and smallmouth bass. He teaches our Into to Fly Fishing schools these days and is a much sought after instructor....for good reason. He is also our "Boat, Float Tube and Kayak" manager here at the shop. If you need a boat....he's your man! He has really become an integral part of the workings of Mad River Outfitters.

Mike Schmidt

Mike Schmidt is known by all of his friends as a fish junky.....every spare moment not on the water is occupied by some aspect of fly tying. From the time he could walk he was constantly being taken out on Lake St. Clair, Lake Huron, up Michigan's West coast rivers, and into the Upper Peninsula in search of fish. Regardless of where he is, Mike is always thinking about new techniques, fishing locations and fly patterns/applications to enhance the next trip.

Mike is a commercial fly tyer for his own company, Angler's Choice Flies, and is a signature tyer for both Jag Fly Co. and the Nymph Head pro team. Throughout the year Mike teaches fly tying and fishing techniques at a number of clubs and retail locations throughout the Midwest while maintaining his residency here at Mad River Outfiters. In addition, he spends the winter months traveling to present and tie at fly fishing shows around the country.

Mike will be serving as a fly tying consultant for us here at the shop. He will also be teaching some classes including our 4 week, Intermediate/Advanced Fly Tying Course. He will also be doing some custom fly tying for us and filling some fly orders! We are thrilled to have him as part of our staff.