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Streamer Fishing for Trophy Trout

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Kelly Galloup, who co-authored "Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout" with Bob Linsenman, has developed a new way of fishing streamers for big trout. His 25 years of guiding and countless days of diving have resulted in the unique system. The flies, retrieves, gear, and tactics are all here.The jerk strip retrieve, essential to Kelly's technique, is just one of the finer points of streamer fishing he will teach you. Discover the lines, leaders, and patterns that will bring bigger fish to your presentation. Learn the tactics you need for fish that have charged but missed your fly.Fly Selection: An innovative creator of patterns, Kelly Galloup goes through his selection of patterns for streamer fishing. He reveals his system of selecting the style and color of his flies as he progresses through the fishing day. Learn the unique flies he has developed specifically for this technique.Two DVD's with a running time of 120 minutes.

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