Mad River Outfitters

Destinations and Regional Guides

Destinations/Regions are listed here in alphabetical order...Adirondacks and Alaska at the top and Yellowstone and Wyoming are on the last two pages.
Please remember that if you don't see the book that you are looking for, contact us. If it is still in print...we can get it for you!
Idaho Blue Ribbon Fly Fishing Guide
John Shewey- Paperback
Price: $24.95 
Idaho- Fly Fisher's Guide to
Ken Retallic & Rocky Barker- PB
Price: $28.95 
Kenai- River Journal
Anthony Route- PB
Price: $15.95 
Maryland- Guide to Trout Fishing
Charlie Gelso and Larry Coburn- PB
Price: $19.95 
Michigan Blue Ribbon Fly Fishing Guide
Bob Linsenman- PB
Price: $24.95 
Michigan- Fly Fisher's Guide to
Jim Bedford- PB
Price: $26.95 
Michigan-Trout Streams of
Bob Linsenman & Steve Nevala- PB
Price: $21.95 
Minnesota- Fly Fisher's Guide to
Mickey Johnson- PB
Price: $26.95 
Missouri- Fly Fishing for Trout in
Chuck Tryon- PB
Price: $14.25 
Montana- Fly Fisher's Guide to
Greg Thomas- PB
Price: $26.95 
New England, Northern- Trout Streams of
David Klausmeyer- PB
Price: $18.95 
New York- Fly Fisher's Guide to
Eric Newman- PB
Price: $28.95 
North Platte- River Journal
Eric Pettine- PB
Price: $15.95 
Oregon- Fly Fisher's Guide to
John Huber- PB
Price: $28.95 
Ozarks Blue Ribbon Trout Streams
Danny Hicks- PB
Price: $19.95 
Pennsylvania- Trout Streams of
Dwight Landis- PB Best Seller!
Price: $21.95 
Rise Rings and Rhododendron
Fly Fishing the Streams and Tailwaters of Southern Appalachia- Ian and Charity Rutter- HB and PB
Price: $44.95