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TFO Esox Musky Fly Rod



From Blane Chocklett and Temple Fork Outfitters.......the TFO "Esox" Musky Fly Rods. Designed on the Mangrove blank, the actions have been tweaked a bit to optimize the casting of huge musky flies, and sinking lines often used.

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tfo esox musky fly rods
From Blane Chocklett and Temple Fork Outfitters.......the TFO "Esox" Musky Fly Rods.

Blane designed these fly rods to excel.....and for the money, you are not going to find a better tool to help in your pursuit of these apex preadators.

Designed on the Mangrove blank, the actions have been tweaked a bit to optimize the casting of huge musky flies, and sinking lines often used. The butt sections are also very strong for fighting these brutes. The really cool thing is the handle design with the extended grip below the reel seat. This allows for additional leverage and also allows you something to grab onto when doing the so important "figure 8" with your fly.

Here's what TFO's Jim Shuin had to say about these rods:
"In order to chase big fish, you need a rod that can handle bushy, air resistant flies.  Enter the “Esox” fly rod by Temple Fork Outfitters.  After a successful launch of the Mangrove Series fly rods, Temple Fork Outfitters has expanded the line to include a 300-400 and 400-500 grain family of musky fly rods.  
Built with the hardcore angler in mind, the “Esox” series utilizes TFO’s proprietary TiCr blank coating, which helps protect the rod from the occasional collision with a weighted fly or gunnel. Topped with TFO’s proprietary Tactical Guides™, won't break or pop out like traditional ceramic guides. The unique non-glare chestnut colored blank features a modified full-wells grip and an extended, IGFA compliant fighting butt. The exaggerated fighting butt aides the angler in picking up and casting large flies and heavy lines. It is also beneficial in the alluring ‘figure-eight’ motion when attempting to illicit a strike near the boat. Cleverly machined hook keeps on each side of the aluminum up-locking reel seat finish out the rod."

The TFO Esox Musky Fly Rods are available in two weights.....9/10 and 11/12 and are 9' 4pc. The 9/10 is rated for 300-400 grain sinking lines and the 11/12 is rated for 400-500 grain sinking lines (of course they cast floating lines very well also). They do not come with a rod tube but do come with the un-conditional lifetime warranty as all Temple Fork Outfitters fly rods.

Lines we like on these rods:
Floating- Rio Pike/Musky- go with the 9wt or 11wt
Sinking Lines- Orvis Depth Charge- 350 grain for the 9/10 and 450 for the 11/12

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