Mad River Outfitters

Wapsi Inc

mad river outfitters small plastic fly box
Price: $6.95 
Muskrat Fur
belly and back pieces
Price: $1.50 
Mustad 3366
classic bass & panfish hook
Price: $5.09 
Mustad 34007
standard saltwater hook for Crazy Charlies etc.
Price: $7.55 
Mustad 34011
standard long shank
Price: $9.65 
Mylar Cord
for zonkers and more!
Price: $1.95 
Mylar Tinsel
double sided standard mylar tinsel
Price: $1.39 
Neck Hackle Strung
rooster neck feathers
Price: $3.19 
Opossum Fur
Price: $1.50 
Oval Tinsels
small and medium size
Price: $3.29 
Peacock Herl- Dyed
add some color
Price: $1.59