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Tite Loop Wristband




This simple, easy-to-use device is ideal for any caster who desires an effective way to discipline the all-too-common condition of using too much wrist when flycasting.

Wear the comfortable, non-binding Tite Loop wristband on the rod hand. Insert the butt of the rod under the band, below the reel. The specially designed silicone band is flexible, bot not soft, and provides just the right amount of restraint between the butt of the rod and the wrist.

* Simple and easy to use wristband
* Promotes proper wrist action
* Restrains overuse of wrist
* Assists in loop creation
* Enhnances line turnover
* Eliminates "wrist rocking"
* Tough, non-toxic silicone
* Creates higher line speed for longer casts
* One size fits most
* Right or left hand

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