Mad River Outfitters

Tube Fly Materials

The truth of the matter is.....any fly tying material CAN be a tube fly material as well...but.....
We have put together a selection of stuff here that is certainly popular with the tube fly save you jumping around the site to find what you need.
* Please remember to see the standard materials section for one of the internet's best fly tying selections.
pro jungle cock hd
better than the real
Price: $12.00 
marble arctic fox from pro tube
the best!
Price: $8.50 
pro tube softheads
keep your eyes on!
Price: $6.99 
pro tube soft sonic discs
super cool
Price: $5.99 
pro tube coneheads for tube flies
coneheads for tubes
Price: $6.99 
pro tube flexiweights
easily add weight
Price: $6.99 
Schlappen Feathers
good spey hackle
Price: $3.29 
flymen fishing company sculpin helmets
from Flymen
Price: $6.65 
Senyo's Laser Dub
critical stuff!
Price: $2.49 
senyo's predator wrap
hot material!
Price: $5.95 
Spey Plumes
ostrich suitable for winding
Price: $2.95 
Streamer Hair

Icelandic wool
Price: $3.75 
Teal Flank
bold and clear barring
Price: $2.09 
trout beads
Price: $2.50 
hmh beads for tube flies

Now available- beads for tubes!

Price: $5.49 
Zap Products- Zap-a-Gap
zap-a-gap total adhesive system- standard, thin formula and accellerator
Price: $3.50 
Zonker Strips
Rabbit fur strips
Price: $2.59