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New Flies

New Flies featured here! We are always striving to bring you the latest and greatest.
Mr. Gills- Sherer's
Price: $6.99 
Mr. Gills- Sherer's perch
hot fly!
Price: $6.99 
Murdich Minnow streamer chartreuse
cult following
Price: $6.50 
Murdich Minnow streamer copper
Price: $6.50 
Murdich Minnow streamer gray
best selling fly
Price: $6.50 
Ooey Gooey Grub fly
Price: $1.95 
phlamin pheasant tail nymph
red-headed step child
Price: $1.95 
pike/tarpon snake fly
pike, muskie, peacocks and salt
Price: $9.95 
puck's not so baby peacock fly
must have peacock fly
Price: $5.95 
Purple Haze fly
sexy soft hackle
Price: $1.65 
Purple Parachute Adams
Cool New Color
Price: $1.75 
reducer shad streamer fly
Price: $7.95 
Robrahn's Bluewater costa rican hooker
Go Big or Go Home
Price: $19.95