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Getting Started in Fly Fishing

Below we have put together a category of products that we think will be helpful to you in your 1st stages of the sport....including a few value priced outfits. Be sure to also check out the Fly Casting and Knot Tying categories for more good starter stuff.
For more information and links on Getting Started in Fly here!
Please, if you have any questions whatsover, drop us a line....we can help!k
Best of Lefty's Tips
Lefty Kreh- DVD
Price: $29.95 
Classic Landing Net
decent quality at a great price!
Price: $34.95 
Curtis Creek Manifesto
Sheridan Anderson- PB
Price: $7.95 
dr. slick fly tying tool set
great starter tool set
Price: $60.00 
Eco 6" Clamps/Hemos
 great value hemos
Price: $7.95 
Eco Nippers
great value from Eco
Price: $4.95 
Eco Zinger
great value
Price: $4.95 
Fly Tying Made Clear & Simple
Skip Morris- SP
Price: $19.95 
Fully Loaded Lanyard for Fly Fishing
great value
Price: $89.00 
Getting Started in Fly Fishing
A-Z on getting started in fly fishing- Brian Flechsig- 2 DVD set!
Price: $39.95 
Little Red Knot Book
Harry Nilsson- PB
Price: $5.95 
dr slick nipper, hemo and zinger gift set
from Dr. Slick
Price: $38.50 
orvis encounter 5wt fly rod and reel outfit
holy smokes...Orvis?
Price: $159.00 
orvis encounter 5wt fly rod and reel outfit
incredible value
Price: $159.00 
orvis encounter 8wt fly rod and reel outfit
heck of a deal!
Price: $159.00 
Orvis Encounter Wading Boots felt soles
great value!
Price: $98.00 
Redington Blackfoot River Vest
excellent value
Price: $39.95 
Redington Crosswater 9' 5wt 4pc
4 pc less than a hundo and it casts
Price: $89.95