Mad River Outfitters


opal mirage lateral scale 1/16
great addition to any fly
Price: $4.50 
minnow body wrap
used for the game changer
Price: $4.99 
Polar Chenille- UV
great addition to any streamer/steelhead
Price: $3.49 
Popper Bodies- Saltwater
extra thick body
Price: $4.95 
Rotary Fly Dryer
great price
Price: $44.95 
flymen fishing company sculpin helmets
from Flymen
Price: $6.65 
senyo's predator wrap
hot material!
Price: $5.95 
Senyo's Wacko Hackle
wow this is cool stuff
Price: $3.59 
ice dub shimmer fringe
game changing streamer material
Price: $5.25 
3 fluid ounces
Price: $5.95 
clear flexible coating- many uses
Price: $11.25 
Sparkle Braid
for "crystal meth" egg patterns or wrap as a body
Price: $1.89 
Supreme Hair
soft and flexible- great for baitfish patterns
Price: $3.75 
Zap-a-Gap Products
Total adhesive system! Original, thin formula and accellerator
Price: $3.50