Mad River Outfitters

Bodies, Foam, Legs and Bass Bugs

flymen articulated fish spines
game changing!
Price: $9.50 
Bumble Bee Foam Poppers
instructions included
Price: $3.79 
copic air brush starter set
super cool
Price: $29.95 
copic sketch markers for fly tying
as is or airbrush
Price: $6.59 
flymen flshing company CrawBody crawbodies
tie realistic crayfish
Price: $3.85 
Damsel & Dragon Bodies
foam bodies from Rainy's
Price: $3.19 
Deer Belly Hair- DOW
dyed over white
Price: $2.29 
EZ Hopper Leg Tool
makes hopper legs easy
Price: $12.29 
Flexi-Cord Light
made of lighter hollow braided nylon- lateral lines included
Price: $4.80 
Float Foam
from Rainy's!
Price: $4.29 
Fly Foam- Cross Link 2mm
standard thin fly foam
Price: $2.49 
Fly Foam- Evazote 1/8"
slightly more open-celled
Price: $3.49 
Fly Rattles
pointed end pyrex rattles
Price: $2.95 
Fly Tails
mister twister tails for flies
Price: $2.95 
Foam Bass Poppers
pre-shaped poppers from Rainy's
Price: $5.29 
Foam Parachute Posts
white, orange and chartreuse
Price: $3.19 
Foam Saltwater Poppers
from Rainy's
Price: $6.99 
Foam Sliders/Pencil Poppers
from Rainy's
Price: $5.79