Mad River Outfitters

Beads, Cones and Eyes

Hot Beads
cool colors!
Price: $5.89 
Hot Cones
great for steelhead buggers
Price: $5.39 
cool design!
Price: $5.79 
Lead Dumbell Eyes
standard lead eyes
Price: $1.39 
Lead Dumbell Eyes-Painted
makes life easy!- New size Large and color Chartreuse!
Price: $2.35 
Lead Dumbell Eyes-Plated
nickel plated
Price: $1.75 
fish skull Living Eyes- Earth
Price: $3.25 
fish skull Living Eyes- Fire
Price: $3.25 
Fish Skull Living Eyes- Ice
Price: $3.25 
Fish Skull Living Eyes- Wind
Price: $3.25 
Mono Eyes
Price: $1.95 
flymen fishing company nymph heads beads
premium tungsten beads- with eyes
Price: $6.95 
flymen fishing company realfly colored bead heads
anodized, colored beads
Price: $3.79 
hourglass brass eyes
Price: $3.95 
Real-Eyes- Prismatic Tape Eyes
stick on eyes- use with real eyes or alone
Price: $1.99 
flymen fishing company sculpin helmets
from Flymen
Price: $6.65 
Solid Plastic Eyes
looks real!
Price: $1.75 
hmh beads for tube flies

Now available- beads for tubes!

Price: $5.49