Mad River Outfitters

Fly Lines for Steelhead and Spey

Specialty fly lines here for Steelhead, Salmon and Switch/Spey Fishing. 
Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions whatsoever.
Drew's Speed Loops
braided loop connectors
Price: $5.50 
Mastery Textured- Nymph/Indicator
designed by Kelly Galloup
Price: $84.95 
Orvis Access Switch Line
great value
Price: $59.00 
rio grip shooter fly line
great stuff
Price: $39.95 
rio indicator II fly line
best seller
Price: $74.95 
Rio In-Touch Level T sinking line
in-touch and price drop
Price: $29.95 
Rio Shooting Head Wallets
two sizes
Price: $24.95 
rio skagit max shooting head
may be the ultimate
Price: $54.95 
Rio light mow skagit tips
tips and kits
Price: $149.95 
rio spey floating versi leader
floating spey leaders
Price: $12.95 
rio sinking spey versi leaders
three sink rates
Price: $12.95 
rio switch chucker fly line
very versatile
Price: $89.95 
SA Custom Cut Express Tips
great idea!
Price: $19.95