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Misc. Fly Fishing Accessories

Miscellaneous Fly Fishing Gadgets and Accessories
You never know what you are going to find in this category. A grouping of misfit fly fishing gadgets and accessories that someone is sure to find useful.
Suncure Wader Patch
revolutionary patch material from Loon!
Price: $7.50 
float patch cliff outdoors
Price: $9.95 
Tippet System-izer

from Spirit River

Price: $8.39 
tite loop fly casting training wristband
Price: $5.95 
Wasatch Small Fur Comb
finer than the Griffin
Price: $14.59 
William Joseph Retractable Stripping Basket
the best for traveling.....great design
Price: $32.00 
Zap Products- Zap-a-Gap
zap-a-gap total adhesive system- standard, thin formula and accellerator
Price: $3.50