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Trout, Steelhead and General Fly Fishing Technique

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101 Fly Fishing Tips
Lefty Kreh- PB
Price: $14.95 
Advanced Fly Fishing for Great Lakes Steelhead by Rick Kustich
THE hot book to have
Price: $29.95 
Barr Flies
Tie and fish John Barr's Flies- HB
Price: $39.95 
Cripples & Spinners
Kelly Galloup- HB
Price: $34.95 
Curtis Creek Manifesto
Sheridan Anderson- PB
Price: $7.95 
Czech Nymph


Price: $35.00 
Dynamic Nymphing
George Daniels- HB
Price: $39.95 
Essential Trout Flies
Dave Hughes- PB
Price: $19.95 
Fishing Small Streams with a Fly Rod
Charles Meck- PB
Price: $15.00 
Fishing Tandem Flies
Charlie Meck- PB
Price: $16.95 
Fly Fishing Small Streams
John Gierach- PB
Price: $17.95 
Fly Fishing Tailwaters
Pat Dorsey- HC
Price: $49.95 
Flyfishing the High Country
John Gierach- PB
Price: $16.95 
Hatch Guide for New England Streams
Great Little Book!- Thomas Ames Jr.- PB
Price: $19.95 
Hatches Made Simple
Charlie Meck- HB
Price: $35.00 
Joan Wulff's Fly Fishing
Expert Advice from A Woman's Perspective-HB
Price: $19.95 
Midge Magic
Don Holbrook & Ed Koch- HB
Price: $29.95 
Modern Midges
Takahashi & Hubka- HC
Price: $39.95