Louisiana Redfish Trips

Louisiana Redfish

at the fabulous Woodland Plantation

September 28th- October 3rd 2014

with host Brian Flechsig

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Woodland Plantation-

When you think of southern comfort, sitting in a rocking chair on the broad veranda of an antebellum home on a warm summer's day is more likely to come to mind than "Southern Comfort", the Grande Old Drink of the south. At Woodland Plantation, the country home of southern comfort as we refer to it, you will find both.

Mad River Outfitters is thrilled to be hosting it's clients in this fabulous setting. We couldn't have imagined a more perfect setting.

Just 40 minutes south of New Orleans, Woodland and Spirits Hall offer outstanding service and cuisine in a unique setting rich in history, culture and natural beauty. You will discover a fascinating land and people when you travel down into the Deep Mississippi Delta. The Deep Delta is also quite possibly the top fishery in North America. You won't believe the redfishing avaialable within a short drive from the lodge.

Woodland Plantation was built in the 1830s by one of America's first chief river pilots, Captain William Johnson. Captain Johnson and his partner, George Bradish, were sea captains/pirates from Nova Scotia who had come down to the Deep Delta in the late 1700s and worked for river pilot Juan Ronquillo. In 1793, just before the Louisiana Purchase of 1803, Captains Johnson and Bradish built a grand home, Magnolia Plantation, 4 miles south of where Woodland now stands. Both families lived at Magnolia for 40 or so years until William sold his shares of Magnolia and built Woodland.

Captain Johnson and his 4 sons built a thriving sugar cane plantation with one of the most modern mills of its time. William was also in partnership with the famous pirate, Jean Lafitte. Lafitte would pirate ships off shore then bring the slaves up Grand Bayou, which was a short cut to the Gulf of Mexico from Woodland, and hold then at 4 large two-story brick slave quarters. These buildings were built at the same time as Magnolia but on the site where Woodland would eventually be built. From there Captains Johnson and Bradish would pick up the slaves and trade them up and down the river.

These quarters were knocked down in the early 1960s by hurricane Betsy. Spirits Hall, moved to Woodland in 1998, now sits on the site that had seen all of this pain and suffering. We felt that this had a healing effect on the property. Bradish Johnson, the third son who eventually owned Woodland, died in 1897 and his heirs sold the property to the Wilkinsons, who owned it until 1997. The Creppels, Claire, Jacques and son Foster, bought it at a public auction in a terrible state of disrepair. It was completely renovated in 1997-1998 and opened in 1999 as a beautifully restored nine room country inn.

Gourmet Southern Cooking at Spirits Hall!

Let us put a taste of the "South in your Mouth"!

Join Mad River Outfitters at Woodland Plantation

September 28th- October 3rd 2014

The Fishing-

"Absolutely some of the FINEST salwater fishing that can be done"- Brian Flechsig


Fish North America's most productive estuary, the Deep Mississippi Delta of south Louisiana. Whether you like fly-fishing or spin casting, the flats, bayous and bays of south Louisiana's rich marsh holds red fish, speckled trout, blackdrum, sheephead, flounder, crappie and bass in abundance. It is not uncommon to catch limits of several of these species in the same morning. If deep sea fishing is your passion let us set you up on a trip out of the mouth of the Mississippi, where you are likely to catch red snapper, grouper, black, yellow and blue fin tuna, amberjack, cobia, wahoo and marlin, just to name a few.

Our trips are primarily focused on fly fishing for trophy redfish....but all are welcome! If you prefer a spinning rod, we can help with that...if you want to try some offshore fishing....we can help with that. We simply want to share this incredible fishery with our friends and clients. Oh...and by the way, there's a pretty good chance that at least a few of the fish that we catch will wind up on the dinner table at Spirits Hall!

Our hosted trips will include 4 days of guided fishing out of flats boats with professional fly fishing guides. These guys are great at what they do and will put you on fish. You need to bring your tackle and a handful of flies. We'll do the rest!

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The Trips-

You get yourself to the Louis Armstrong International Airport on Sunday, September 28th and Brian Flechsig will pick you up in a van. Bring your fishing gear...(a simple equipment listing will be provided of course), and a healthy appetite for Southern Hospitality. You'll fish with guides Monday through Thursday and then head to the French Quarter in New Orleans on Thursday night for some fun on Bourbon Street or simple "Big Easy" relaxation. A taxi to the airport on Friday, October 3rd and off you go back to your hometown....all redfished up!

Included in the trips:
Transportation from the New Orleans airport to Woodland Plantation and then back to New Orleans on Thursday afternoon, 5 nights lodging including Thursday night in New Orleans, all meals with exception of dinner on Thursday and breakfast on Friday (continental included in the hotel stay though), 4 days guided fishing

Not Included in the trips:
Airfare to and from your home town, fishing license and tackle, dinner on Thursday in New Orleans, Breakfast on Friday in New Orleans, taxi to the airport on Friday

* Can't make our Hosted Trip dates? Mad River Outfitters serves as a full booking agent and outfitter for Woodland Plantation and Louisiana Redfishing. Let us put together a trip for you!

Any questions whatsoever, please give us a call or drop us an e-mail at the shop!

Redfish Trip Pricing-

Mad River Outfitters Redfish Trip

hosted by Brian Flechsig

September 28th- October 3rd, 2014

$2495.00 per angler

Pricing on Private bookings

Can't make our hosted dates? Let us put together a trip for you or your group!

Pricing can vary depending on options but basically room, board and boat runs $500.00 per day, per man....based on double occupancy

Please give us a call or drop us an e-mail to set up a Redfish Trip to Woodland Plantation

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