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Line It Up!

It's easy! Just pick any reel and any fly line and tell us to "Line it up". All we need further is whether you are right or left hand retrieve. No need to purchase the backing here online.....we'll add the right amount per your choices.

We'll load the line and backing and get you 20% on both.

* Let us know if you do have a color preference on the backing, othewise we'll make it for you- white, chartreuse, orange are your choices

* also let us know if you have any special requirements for the backing as far as amount or request gel-spun or whatever

* Your online invoice will not automatically reflect the discount nor will it show the cost of the backing. Don't long as you tell us to "Load-it-Up", we'll get it right! Backing runs around eight to nine cents per yard on average and you will be charged for the amount that we load up....but then given the 20% off of it and the fly line that you chose.

** As you can understand, this offer cannot apply to SALE or discounted merchandise.

***always remember to check your "Customer Service Notes" by clicking on your name in the upper right once logged-in. This is how we will communicate with you if need be!